After the success of the housing society in Islamabad, developers are introducing Kingdom Valley Lahore for their loyal investors, buyers, and residents. With a strategic location away from the city’s hustle and bustle, residents can enjoy a serene environment while remaining well-connected to major transportation routes.

The projct is a cutting-edge housing society near the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, offering a futuristic living experience. The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) approved this project as a beacon of modern urban development.

Developed by the renowned Kingdom Group, the project sets a new standard in residential living. Whether you seek a place to call home or a wise investment opportunity, Kingdom Valley represents the future of housing in Lahore.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Owners and Developers:

The current development is the brainchild of its visionary founder and developer, Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal. Serving as the project’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Sanpal is a respected figure in the real estate industry. Backed by a highly skilled workforce comprising engineers, architects, builders, planners, and managers, he is dedicated to crafting a masterpiece in modern living. Renowned for impeccable planning and coordination, this development aims to elevate lifestyle standards, offering a sophisticated and lavish environment. The team’s commitment extends beyond construction, ensuring exceptional client service and valuable guidance throughout the journey of the project in Lahore.

Kingdom Valley Lahore NOC:

The previous project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad was approved under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme, which assures the developers’ track record. It shows that developers are trustworthy and can surely get the NOC for the Kingdom Valley Lahore project.

The status of project’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) is currently in the process of approval, with developers having meticulously submitted all required documentation. There’s an optimistic outlook that this much-anticipated project will soon receive the government authorities’ coveted approval.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Payment Plan:

The basic aim of the project’s developers is to give everyone their dream home so everyone can live a better life. That is why the Kingdom Valley Lahore payment plan offers a transparent and affordable payment plan for its prestige buyers. The payment plan is flexible; buyers can pay in installments to get their dream place.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Location:

The Kingdom Valley Lahore location is still undisclosed. But from the gathered information, it’s in a good spot that will make it easy for people to get to important places in Lahore. This is exciting because it means that people who live there will have an easy time going to all the important places in the city.

The development could change how the city looks, and it wants to do things well and in a modern way. This might mean that it brings new and cool things to Lahore for people to enjoy. Kingdom valley location will surely give residents a major living goal. 

Kingdom Valley Lahore Location Map:

The project is located at the ideal location, making it easy for everyone to access important city locations. The ideal location is easily accessible to major landmarks and important places like shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. The Kingdom Valley Lahore location map will provide better access to many places the residents need.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Master Plan:

Kingdom Valley Lahore Master Plan is an ambitious and innovative development project located in the heart of the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. This master plan aims to transform a designated area into a thriving and sustainable urban community, catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of its residents.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is strategically situated in a prime location in Lahore, offering convenient access to major landmarks and amenities. Kingdom Valley Lahore will feature well-planned commercial area, attracting local and international businesses to set up shop in the area. Moreover, a significant focus of the master plan is on creating green spaces, parks, and recreational areas.

Kingdom Valley Lahore Facilities:

kingdom valley lahore faacilites

Kingdom Valley Lahore, as a prestigious residential project,will provide a wide range of facilities and amenities. The purpose of these facilities is to enhance the quality of life for its residents. While specific details for Kingdom Valley Lahore may differ, we can draw insights from features commonly found in such developments:

24/7 Security:

The project is likely to offer a secure, gated community environment with 24/7 security personnel. Moreover, this gated society also has modern surveillance systems, ensuring the safety of its residents.

Green Spaces and Parks:

Kingdom Valley will likely include well-maintained green spaces, parks, and landscaped areas where residents can relax, enjoy nature, and have picnics.

Community Events and Activities:

A calendar of community events and activities may be available to residents. This community center will promote a feeling of community and offer chances for social contact and amusement inside the property.

Fitness Centers:

The project will include an indoor gym equipped with modern facilities to meet the fitness needs of its residents.

Retail Outlets:

The project may feature retail outlets and convenience stores, making it convenient for residents to fulfill their daily shopping requirements.

Other facilities include,

  • Banks and ATMs
  • Wide network of roads
  • Sports Center
  • Educational Institutes
  • Medical Centers

Kingdom Valley Lahore Residential Area:

The project is an emerging residential area located in Lahore, Pakistan. This modern housing society offers a well-planned and secure living environment for residents. The residential area is enclosed by a protective wall, ensuring security and privacy for its residents. It is designed to be a safe and family-friendly community. Kingdom Valley offers various payment plans to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of potential residents. The residential plot sizes available in this project are,

5 Marla


The project represents a promising and transformative addition to the real estate landscape of Lahore. While specific details about its Kingdom Valley payment plan, location and amenities may remain undisclosed, the project’s dedication to excellence, modernity, and progress is evident. With the esteemed Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal at the helm and the success of Kingdom Valley Islamabad under his belt, there is a strong sense of optimism surrounding this venture.

The anticipation for this project is fueled by the belief that it has the potential to redefine urban living in Lahore, offering a secure and well-connected environment for its residents.

Its sleek and contemporary design and commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices hint at a brighter future for those seeking a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan’s cultural capital. The official launch date is not announced yet, but as this project unfolds, it remains an exciting testament to the power of visionary development in shaping our cities.

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