New City Paradise Lahore is going to set a new benchmark in the real estate industry of Lahore. After the successful launching of New City Paradise in Islamabad and Wah Cantt. The developers have announced the project in the prime location of Lahore. Securing a plot in this project ensures easy access to a number of facilities like mosques, schools, and parks.

New City Paradise is sure to become the most sought-after society. With its ideal location close to the Lahore Ring Road and convenient access from the M-11 Motorway, this forthcoming residential project is well-positioned to cater to the increasing demand in the market.

With flexible payment options that make purchasing a dream house more accessible than ever, New City Paradise Lahore offers a range of land sizes from 3.5 marla to 1 kanal. Rich green areas, cutting-edge security measures, and easy access to premier medical and educational institutions are just a few of the project’s many first-rate features.

Key Features:

  • Footsteps away from Lahore Ring Road.
  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • International standard facilities and Amenities
  • Plot Sizes from 3.5 marla to 1 kanal

New City Paradise Location:

New City Paradise is situated close to M-11 Motorway which makes this project just a heartbeat away from Lahore Ring Road and L-20. A new name for affordable living New City Paradise Lahore, It has wide, clean roads, beautiful, lush green parks, and many other facilities. Being footsteps away from Lahore Ring Road the project touches popular neighborhoods of Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Museum, and Al Jalil Garden Lahore. 

New City Paradise Nearby Areas and Places:

Located near Lahore Ring Road and L-20 this housing project will provide affordable housing options to Lahore natives and people living in the neighbourhood of Lahore. Due to its position close to the Lahore Ring Road, this project is accessible from all the major landmarks of Lahore.

The future residents of Lahore can now enjoy easy commute without facing any traffic issues. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, people here enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. The places accessible from this project are,

Allama Iqbal Town – 10 mins

Thokar Niaz Baig -11 mins

Etihad Town Lahore-20 mins  

Lahore ring road-2 mins  

DHA Lahore-6 mins  

Lahore Museum-45 mins  

Shahdara-10 mis

Nagra Town-2 mins

Gulshan-e-Ravi -3 mins

New City Paradise Lahore Developers and Owners

Chaudhry Saad and Chaudhry Qamar, the visionary minds behind New City Paradise Lahore, stand as the esteemed owners and developers of this burgeoning real estate venture. Their successful track record consist of different flagship projects in the major cities of Pakistan, earning them not only recognition but also unwavering trust from both discerning customers and astute investors alike. Through their steadfast commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality, they have forged a legacy of reliability that resonates throughout the industry.

New City Paradise Lahore Developers and Owners Previous Projects:

Investors have benefited greatly from the Chaudry Qamar and Chaudry Saad Zaman ventures in the past. Clients who reserved plots for earlier projects expressed complete pleasure with the outcome and received a high level of satisfaction.

The investors now have a great lot more faith in the success of their next project since they know that their money will be well spent and will provide a good return. They have established their name in Pakistan real estate marketing by completing international standard projects before their completion date. Following are the flagship projects delivered by New City Paradise developers.

New City Paradise Lahore NOC

Flexible and reasonably priced pre-launch pricing is offered by New City Paradise Lahore. Preferably, the New City Paradise Lahore Payment plan is made to fit your spending limit and financial requirements. To make investing in this project easier without any financial strain, the developers also offer an installment plan with several monthly and quarterly installments as well as plots for sale. To this date, the developers haven’t announced the official payment to the public.

New City Paradise Lahore Residential Plots:

New City Paradise Lahore is the latest marvel in urban development, offering a unique blend of modern amenities and serene living. Nestled in the vibrant city of Lahore, this housing project promises a lifestyle of comfort, luxury, and convenience. New City Paradise Lahore is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its residents. Following are the expected residential plot sizes available in this project are,

3.5 Maral

5 Marla

1 Kanal

New City Paradise Lahore Master plan:

The master plan of New City Paradise Lahore is a testament to thoughtful urban planning and modern design principles. The layout is designed to provide a harmonious balance between residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents. The developers will soon share the details of the master plan with the public.

New City Paradise Lahore Booking Procedure:

New City Paradise Lahore is giving you a golden opportunity to buy your own dream house in the heart of Lahore without any financial strain. If you are interested in investing in this project, you must submit the necessary paperwork and the plot down payment on the official New City Paradise website in order to be considered for this massive project. The following crucial documents must be attached to the Housing Society application form:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of passport or CNIC 
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment slip

New City Paradise Lahore Facilities and Amenities:

New City Paradise Lahore stands as a beacon of modern living, offering an array of facilities and amenities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. This upcoming residential project will defintely provide a holistic lifestyle, combining luxury, convenience, and community living. Here’s a comprehensive look at the facilities and amenities that make New City Paradise Lahore a premier choice for homebuyers and investors.

24/7 Surveillance:

The safety and security of residents are paramount. New City Paradise Lahore is going to have round-the-clock surveillance, including CCTV cameras and professional security personnel, ensuring a secure living environment.

Gated Community:

Controlled access points and a secure perimeter provide an added layer of safety, allowing residents to enjoy peace of mind.

Well-Planned Roads:

Wide, well-maintained roads and efficient traffic management systems ensure smooth and hassle-free commutes within the community.

Parks and Green Spaces:

Ample green spaces, beautifully landscaped parks, and playgrounds offer residents a refreshing escape from urban life, promoting outdoor activities and relaxation.

Sports Complexes:

State-of-the-art sports facilities, including cricket and football grounds, tennis courts, and jogging tracks, cater to fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers.

Community Centers:

Fully equipped community centers are available for hosting social events, cultural activities, and community gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community.

Fitness Centers and Gyms:

Well-equipped fitness centers and gyms provide residents with the latest exercise equipment and professional trainers to help them stay fit and healthy.

Spa and Wellness Centers:

Luxurious spa and wellness centers offer a range of treatments and services designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.


This housing community places a high value on spiritual well-being and community worship. The project includes several architecturally stunning mosques that are easily accessible to all residents.

Smart Villas

The developers also located prime location in the project to construct smart villas in the project. These villas offer a futuristic lifestyle with a focus on technology, comfort, and sustainability.


New City Paradise Lahore aims to become a benchmark for modern living by blending traditional values with contemporary amenities. Nestled in the vibrant city of Lahore, this housing project promises a lifestyle of comfort, luxury, and convenience. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to invest in prime real estate, New City Paradise Lahore has something for everyone.

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