Bahria Town Karachi is unmistakably one of the poshest housing societies in Karachi. Since its establishment in 2015, Bahria Town has grown rapidly, and now it has become the landmark of Karachi. 

This upscale residential project is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway, one of Karachi’s most exclusive neighborhoods. The upscale society currently accommodates around a million people, thanks to its location and unmatched facilities. 

This housing project is developed, managed, and owned by Bahria Town (Private) Limited. The developers hired top architects and engineers to design and plan this community to meet all lifestyle requirements.

 Residents of this society are provided with international standard infrastructure and top-notch amenities. The developers of this mega housing project are providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to investors and potential buyers to invest in the most luxurious and in-demand housing project in Karachi.

Bahria Town Karachi Developers & Owners:

An icon of luxury within the city of lights, BTK, is currently owned by Bahria Town (Private) Limited. This company has also emerged as the biggest real estate company in Pakistan.

The vision of the builders is to bring exceptional amenities, world-class infrastructure, and luxury environments to people seeking a high-end lifestyle in Pakistan. BTK is owned by Malik Riaz, and this housing project is considered one of Asia’s biggest private real estate projects. 

Currently, Ali Riaz Malik is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this real estate company. Bahria town Karachi presents impressive investment opportunities for potential buyers and real estate investors in Karachi.

Previous Projects of Baharia Town: 

Bahria Town Karachi is a premium real estate project destined to become the pinnacle of modern living. Bahria Town Developers constructed highly credible & prolific housing projects all over the country with the main aim to provide the most luxurious living options in Pakistan.

 All of their housing projects are the epitome of grandeur in the country. The previous housing project developed by Bahria Town are:

Bahria Town Karachi NOC:

Bahria Town covers more than 46,000 acres (16,000 hectares) area making it the largest private housing project in Pakistan. Sindh Building Control Authority(SBCA) declared Bahria Town a secure and safe project for investment by issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) on March 20, 2014. 

The registration number of Bahria Town is SBCA/DD-(D-II)/1090/ADV-606/2014. 

Bahria Town Karachi NOC
Bahria Town Karachi NOC

Bahria Town Karachi Location:

BTK is strategically located on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. It is located in the busiest neighborhood of Karachi and is positioned only a few kilometers from major landmarks of the city. 

Due to its prime location, lucrative investment opportunities, and unparallel facilities, this housing project has managed to capture the attention of both investors and potential buyers. 

Bahria Town Karachi Location
Bahria Town Karachi Location

Bahria Town Karachi Location Map:

While looking at the map of Bahria Town Karachi, it is evident that this housing society is located at the interchange on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. Due to its location, this housing project is ideal for individuals who want to build their dream home in a serene and peaceful environment.

Bahria Town Karachi Location Map
Bahria Town Karachi Location Map

Bahria Town Karachi Accessibilities:

Besides the unparallel facilities and top-notch amenities, residents of this housing project have access to a dedicated interchange on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. All the important landmarks and housing societies of Karachi are located just a few kilometers away from this upscale residential project.

The area accessible from Bahria Town Karachi is,

  • Jinnah International Airport is around 35 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • The super-Highway toll plaza is around 25 minutes away from Bahria Town. 
  • Malir Cantonment is around 30 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33 is around 35 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • Dream World Family Resort is around 28 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • M10 Motorway is around 40 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • Karachi Nothern Bypass is around 39 minutes away from Bahria Town.

Bahria Town Karachi Nearby Places: 

Even though it is far from the main city, this premium residential housing project still attracts millions of investors and eager buyers from all over the country. Besides offering top-notch amenities and exceptional features, this upscale housing project provides its residents with a peaceful and tranquil environment.

The areas and places nearby to this housing project are:

  • Al Ghafoor Green City is around 35 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  •  North Town Residency Gadap Town is around 40 minutes away from Bahria Town.
  • Memon Medical Institute Hospital is around 35 minutes away from this housing society.
  • Shah Faisal Town is around 45 minutes away from this housing project.
  • The University of Karachi is around 40 minutes away from this housing society.
  • Fiesta Family Water Park is around 25 minutes away from this housing project.

Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan:

 Bahria Town Karachi spanned 46,000 acres of area. The master plan of this promising housing project has been further divided into 58 precincts which were launched by the management at different times.

 Each precinct is further divided into different residential and commercial sub-districts for the convenience of residents. This project is an excellent housing scheme designed by highly professional engineers and architects and aimed at the upper-middle class and upper class of society. 

 The developers also allocated a huge area for the development of theme parks, zoos, golf clubs, and other exceptional facilities to attract both residents and investors.

Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan
Bahria Town Karachi Master Plan

Bahria Town Karachi Residential Plots:

A housing project like Bahria Town Karachi exemplifies the best combination of world-class infrastructure with luxury.

 Located in the heart of Pakistan’s largest city, this premium housing project offers a wide range of residential plots, each designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury. The sizes of plots in different precincts offer by the management are,

  • 75 Square Yards
  • 125 Square Yards:
  • 250 Square Yards
  • 500 Square Yards
  • 1000 Square Yards
  • 2000 Square Yards

Bahria Town Karachi Apartments:

Bahria Town Karachi is a world-class development that offers a variety of luxurious apartments. The apartments are designed with the latest amenities and finishes, and they offer stunning views of the housing project. 

There is a perfect combination of modern architecture and practical design in apartment projects in each precinct. Also included are several great amenities, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and 24-hour security. All of these apartments are designed to meet the need of couples and small families.

The sizes of apartments offered by the developers of this housing project are,

  • 1-bedroom apartment 
  • 2-bedroom apartment 
  • 3-bedroom apartment 
  • 4-bedroom apartment 

Bahria Town Karachi Villas:

Bahia Towns Villas are the hottest-selling property in the housing project. These villas are the shining jewel of Bahria Town Karachi, featuring a stunning facades and aesthetically pleasing interiors. The Villas at Bahria Town are ideal for large families or people who desire spacious accommodations.

The sizes of Villas offered by the developers are,

  • 125 sq. yard
  • 200 sq. yard
  • 235 sq. yard
  • 250 sq. yard

Bahria Town Commercial:

Bahria Town management has allocated specific areas for commercial plots in all the precincts of the society. However, the main commercial area in the society is Jinnah Commercial which is destined to become Karachi’s next business and commercial hub. 

Most of the commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi are located near 18 Lane, 400 Foot Wide Jinnah Avenue, which occupies the prime location of Bahria Town Karachi. 

This commercial area is already approved by the government authorities for mid-rise buildings and has direct access to Superhighway and Karachi Lahore Motorway (M9). The sizes of plots offered by the developers in this housing project are,

  • 125 sq. yards
  • 133 sq. yards 
  • 500 sq. yards 
  • 2200 sq. yards 

Bahria Town Karachi Payment Plans:

Bahria Town Karachi is undoubtedly the most thriving housing project in the City. Its Exceptional amenities and international standard infrastructure has managed to capture the attention of investors and buyers from all across the country. 

This housing project is designed for all the socioeconomic classes of Pakistan and is proven to be the most secure and safe neighborhood in Karachi. The price range of plots and houses greatly varies from precinct to precinct.

 The payment plan of Bahria Town Karachi Residential Plots is as follows:

Bahria Town Karachi Payment Plan
Bahria Town Karachi Payment Plan

Bahria Town Karachi File Application:

If you are looking for a secure and profitable investment opportunity, then Bahria Town Karachi is the best option available. In Karachi, Bahria Town is the only society that offers residents a peaceful and comfortable life free of theft and flood dangers.

 The booking procedure in Bahria Town is completely safe and easy. 

  • First, you must get the booking form according to the type of property you want to buy in Bahria Town.
  • Then fill out the booking form with your personal and property details.
  • Attach a copy of 2 Passport Size Photographs, 1 CNIC Copy of the Applicant, a CNIC Copy of your Kin, and the Pay order of downpayment with your registration form. 
  • Submit the form to the nearby Bahria Town office or your marketing agency.

Bahra Town Karachi Salient Features:

Bahria Town Karachi is the posh locality of Karachi that offers its buyers and investors an unparallel lifestyle. Due to its top-notch amenities and facilities, the demand for this premium residential project is increasing day by day.

The architect and engineers designed this upscale residential project with ample green spaces to offer future occupants a plush and peaceful living environment. 

The salient features of this premium housing project are,

Gated Society:

Bharia Town Karachi is one of the safest housing ventures in Karachi, and one of the main factors is that it is a gated community. Bahria Town Karachi is a well-planned society that looks aesthetically pleasing and is quite calm, making it ideal for people who are looking for a house in a peaceful and secure neighborhood of Karachi.

24/7 Security:

Bahria Town Karachi is a gated community that offers 24/7 security to its resident. Due to their top-notch security system, not a single case of robbery or burglary has been reported so far in society.

Educational System:

Pakistan’s top educational institutes, including Roots Millennium School and Baqai Medical University, have opened their campuses in Bahria Town Karachi. Colleges and schools offer a variety of programs that allow students to pursue their passions and careers without going far away from Bahria Town Karachi.

Transport System:

With the launch of its bus service in 2018, Bahria Town Karachi provides quick and easy access to the main zones of society. People can take this bus service to travel from Bahria Town to Sohrab Goth and Malir Halt.

Health Facilities:

Providing exceptional healthcare facilities is one of the main priorities of Bahria Town Karachi. The management of Bahria Town Karachi has established a state-of-the-art medical hospital to provide 24/7 healthcare facilities to residents of the society. 

Moreover, the management has also signed several contracts with international companies to improve the health facilities of the hospital.

Bahria Adventure Land:

Several recreational activities, like roller coaster rides, The Claw, Cyclone Alladin, Shark Attack, etc., are available for children and adults at Bahria Adventure Land, built in collaboration with Italian manufacturers.

Grand Jamia Mosque:

The developers of Bahria Town Karachi have built the third largest masjid in the society, which has a capacity to accommodate around 800,000 people at a time. Inspired by Mughal and Islamic architecture, this masjid is equipped with a state-of-the-art thermal powerhouse and conditioning system.


Established in 2018, the zoo in Bharia Town Karachi is a house of the most exotic breeds of birds and animals worldwide. This zoo provides a unique opportunity to observe the animals in their natural habitat.

Entertainment Facilities:

The developers of Bahria Town Karachi have built impressive projects in this upscale housing project to provide entertainment facilities to people of all ages. 

You can enjoy a thrilling ride on Mini Formula-1 Track or play golf at Sheraton Golf and Country Club in your leisure time. 

Restaurants and Cafes:

Besides this, there are different restaurants and cafes that offer their customers authentic cuisines. In Bahria Town Karachi, you can find everything from authentic Arab/Turkish food to burgers and pizza.

Bahria Town Karachi Facilities & Amenities:

Certainly, Bahria Town Karachi is the poshest area of Karachi, and the reason for that is all the amenities and facilities it offers to its residents. From an uninterpreted supply of electricity to a wide network of roads, Bahria Town management is working day and night to provide an unparallel and serene lifestyle to its future residents.  

The facilities and amenities offered by the management of Bahria Town are,

  • 24/7 electricity 
  • Replicas of world-class Buildings
  • 24/7 security and monitoring 
  • Commercial zones 
  • State-of-the-art playgrounds
  • Golf Clubs
  • Rafi Cricket Stadium
  • Public transport
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Bahria Night Safari
  •  Tourist bus service 
  • Replica of the Eiffel Tower
  •  Dancing Fountain

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Status:

A unique location, top-notch security, and well-developed infrastructure distinguish Bahria Town Karachi from other neighborhoods. Since its establishment, this housing society has been gaining attention from many investors nowadays who want to invest in this housing project for a long-term and secure investment. 

To this date, the management is offering possession of the plots located in 1 to 15 Precincts. However, the management has clearly stated that the possession of plots in remaining precincts up to 58 will be available soon.

Bahria Town Karachi Development Status:

According to the latest updates, Precinct 1 has been developed completely. Other precincts, including Precincts 28 and 30, are also under construction. Moreover, the Midway Commercial area of Bahria Town Karachi has seen the majority of commercial development.

Moreover, the developers of Bahria Town Karachi recently launched a new block which is situated behind precincts 4 and 7. The plots in this new block are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Bahria Town Karachi Investment Opportunity:

Bahria Town Karachi is a premium residential housing project which fulfills all the criteria of a luxury housing project. NOC-approved, this housing project is the most rapidly developing gated community in the most sought-after neighborhood of Karachi. Many investors from all around the country are investing in this housing project due to its serene environment, top-notch facilities, and world-class amenities. 

If you are looking for an ideal investment opportunity in Karachi, then you should definitely consider investing in this upscale housing project because there are many reasons to do so.

  • Bahria Town Karachi is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway, providing residents with a convenient way to reach this well-planned suburban residential community.
  • Investing at this time will earn you a huge profit because many of society’s precincts are still under construction.
  • Developers of this housing society have announced a flexible payment plan that provides people of all socioeconomic backgrounds with a lucrative investment opportunity.
  • This housing project is NOC-approved, and investors can visit the site at any time to see the progress of the project.


Bahria Town Karachi is a substantial development that promises a privileged life to its residents. Located on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway, this residential community gives you a chance to live life to the fullest in an environment that combines all the basic and modern amenities. 

In Karachi’s ideal location, the posh residential housing society offers investors an excellent opportunity to make a secure investment. Therefore, Lead Marketing strongly urges investors to take advantage of this golden opportunity to invest, as society is still in its early stages of development, and investing now will result in a high return. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bahria Town Private Limited owns this housing project.

The Bahria town Karachi is located on the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway.

The developers are offering plot sizes ranging from 75 square yards to 2000 square yards.

The developers of Bahria Town Karachi are providing lucrative commercial opportunities for its investors. Jinnah Commercial is the most demanding commercial area of society. 

This housing project offers world-class infrastructure and amenities to future occupants, including public transport, Golf Clubs, a commercial zone, and entertainment facilities.

First, you fill out the booking form with all your personal details and the details of the property you are interested in buying. Attach all of your documents along with the Pay order of downpayment and submit these documents to the Bahria Town Karachi office.

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