Citadel 7 is the latest high-rise commercial project by Chakor Ventures in Islamabad. The project is a CDA-approved single-building development comprising 20 floors. The development boasts a contemporary and modern infrastructure, a blend of luxury with functionality. The development covers around 345,000 Sq Ft area. 

Citadel 7 by Chakor Ventures is a fusion of the retail mall, food court, and corporate offices. It also features basement parking up to 4 levels and spacious CDA-approved outdoor parking. The 5 floors feature a lavish shopping mall and cozy food court area.

The development encompasses 14 floors of lavish and modern infrastructure corporate offices offering unique working spaces for companies and firms with stunning views of the surroundings. The developers are committed to providing a luxuriant retail area and a profusion of excessive corporate working spaces for enterprises. 

Nestled in the vibrant and lively Blue Area, the commercial hub of Islamabad offers convenience and connectivity to major attractions of the capital city. Its proximity to metro stations provides easy accessibility for individuals. It is located opposite to the city’s landmark Centaurus Mall and the famous PIMS hospital. 

Apart from luxurious spaces, Citadel 7 Blue Area offers an array of amenities and facilities to match the desired innovation, convenience, and security at its core. From spacious parking to lavish retail malls and excessive working spaces, Citadel 7 is a unique fusion of modern commercial essentials. 

Key Features:

  • Developed by Chakor Ventures
  • Approved by CDA, Islamabad
  • Located in a most happening area of Islamabad
  • 20-floor High-rise Commercial Project
  • 4 levels of Basement Parking
  • 5 floors of Retail Mall and Food Court
  • 14 floors of luxury corporate offices
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Top-notch Facilities
Citadel 7 Islamabad

Citadel 7 Islamabad Developer:

Chakor Ventures is an emerging real estate company in the market of Pakistan. The company has expertise in architectural planning and real estate development, investment consultancy, and facility management. It is committed to incorporating innovation and technological advancement into its business model to revolutionize the high-rise real estate market in Pakistan.

The projects in the portfolio of Chakor Ventures are:

  • Citadel 7, Islamabad
  • Lahore Project (Coming Soon)

Citadel 7 Islamabad NOC:

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued a NOC ( No Objection Certificate) to Citadel 7. The Citadel 7 NOC is a sign of following all regulation standards by the administration of the City. Moreover, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) also approved Citadel 7, demonstrating its reliability and loyalty to essential regulations.

Citadel 7 Islamabad Location:

Citadel 7 Islamabad

Citadel 7 Islamabad is strategically located at Jinnah Avenue in the Blue Area, Islamabad. The metro station is situated nearby offering convenient transport options. It offers easy connectivity and access to major attractions of the city. It is located opposite to the famous Centaurus Mall and PIMS hospital. 

  • Blue Area – 0 minute
  • Metro Station – 0 minute
  • Centaurus Mall – 01 minute
  • PIMS Hospital – 01 minute
  • F-9 Park – 03 minutes
  • Faisal Mosque – 05 minutes
  • Pakistan Monument – 05 minutes
  • Diplomatic Enclave – 10 minutes
  • Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) – 25 minutes
  • Islamabad International Airport – 40 minutes

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan:

Citadel 7 provides a flexible and attractive payment plan. 25% payment will be charged on booking and offers 11 easy quarterly installments to pay the remaining amount. 10% of the payment is paid upon possession of the property. Citadel 7 also provides a discount of 5% on full payment at the time of booking of the property. With the attractive and flexible payment plan, it is easy to own a luxurious work space with world-class amenities and facilities in the most happening area of the capital city, Islamabad.

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan 7th to 10th Floor:

 Citadel 7 Islamabad

Payment Plan 11th to 13th Floor:

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan 11th to 13th Floor:

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan 14th to 18th Floor:

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan 14th to 18th Floor:

Payment Plan 19th to 20th Floor:

Citadel 7 Islamabad Payment Plan 19th to 20th Floor:

Citadel 7 Islamabad Required Documents for Booking:

For booking the property in Citadel 7, some vital documents are required to be attached to the booking form.

  • Copy of CNIC / Passport
  • Copy of CNIC / Passport of Next to Kin
  • Passport Sized Photograph
  • Booking Payment (Cheque, Pay order, Cash)

Citadel 7 Master Plan: 

Citadel 7  master plan

Citadel 7 is a 20-storey commercial project offering a blend of a retail mall, a food court, and corporate offices. The development is the epitome of high-rise luxury and modern infrastructure. The single-building project features a spacious basement and outdoor CDA-approved parking spaces, a lavish retail mall, a fine food court, and a range of luxurious corporate offices.

The corporate offices provide calm and comfortable working spaces with bird-eye views of scenic surroundings embedded with modern facilities. Moreover, the project is thoughtfully designed and aimed to offer convenient access to major attractions of the city.

Citadel 7 Floor Plans:

The floor plans of Citadel 7 are thoughtfully designed, prioritizing luxury and comfort. The 20-floor development features 4 levels of basement and expansive outdoor parking. The basement floors offer hybrid and office-dedicated parking spaces.

From the ground to the 5th floor, a retail mall and food court offer a lavish shopping environment with fine dining spaces. The top-branded outlets offer top-notch accessories and dining options. The diverse shopping mall and food court aim to cater to the essential needs and preferences of individuals. 6th is dedicated as a service floor, offering the best amenities, facilities, services, and talent management staff. 

From the 7th to 20th floor provides various types, sizes, and configurations of luxuriant corporate offices. The offices feature a sleek design and layout, prioritizing comfort and ample working spaces. The stunning views of the surroundings from the windows offer a pleasant working environment.

Floor Plans 7th to 10th Floor:

Citadel 7 Floor Plans 7th to 10th Floor:

Citadel 7 Floor Plans 11th to 13th Floor:

Citadel 7 Floor Plans 7th to 10th Floor:

Floor Plans 14th to 18th Floor:

Citadel 7 Floor Plans 19th to 20th Floor:

Citadel 7 Floor Plans

Amenities and Facilities:

Citadel 7 Amenities and Facilities

Citadel 7 provides an array of world-class amenities and facilities to create an exquisite and diverse commercial space. The notable amenities and facilities are:

Dedicated Parking Floors:

Citadel 7provides 4 levels of basement reserved for parking space. The basement offers hybrid and office-dedicated ample parking spaces. The development also features CDA-approved outdoor parking to offer seamless and trouble-free parking options.  

Retail Mall:

A diverse range of top brands and globally renowned labels are under one roof. Citadel 7 features 4 floors of a lavish shopping mall providing an easy escape for shopping.

Food Court: 

On the 5th floor, Citadel 7 provides an ample and fine food court. Globally and nationally renowned food chains are committed to providing excellent culinary options. Nestled by windows and an outdoor terrace provides stunning views of Islamabad while relishing favorite cuisines.

Separate Elevators:

Citadel 7 offers separate elevators for retail malls and corporate offices aiming to provide seamless and trouble-free access. 

Dedicated Entrance and Exits:

Citadel 7 provides dedicated entrances and exits for a shopping mall and corporate offices. The development offers two entrance and exit gates. One is named Jinnah Avenue entrance facing Margall View while the second is labeled Ibn-e-sina entrance at Srinagar Highway.

Electricity Backup:

To avoid blackouts and provide seamless energy power for uninterrupted working spaces, Citadel 7 Offices have electricity backup in the form of electric generators.

24/7 Surveillance:

Reducing security breaches and unusual activities, the development features a 24/7 surveillance facility to monitor and ensure the safety of people.

Fully Integrated BMS and Maintenance System:

Citadel 7

A fully integrated BMS and Maintenance System provides centralized control and monitoring of all building systems, reducing complexity and improving operational efficiency.

Citadel 7 Investment Opportunity:

Citadel 7 in Islamabad offers an attractive investment opportunity in the most happening area of the city. Its attractive and flexible payment plan with easy quarterly installments provides access to buying a property within reach of international as well as local buyers. Moreover, a discount of 5% on full payment provides a cherry on the cake for investors. The proximity to major attractions makes Citadel 7 Shops and offices the best option to invest in Islamabad.

  • Attractive Payment Plan
  • 25% on booking 
  • 11 Quarterly Installments
  • 5% discount on full payment
  • Strategic location


Citadel 7 by Chakor Ventures is a significant addition to the real estate landscape of Islamabad. Its modern infrastructure, attractive payment plan, proximity to major attractions, and top-notch amenities and facilities make it the best commercial project in the city. 

Keep visiting us for more updates and information regarding Citadel 7 or other real estate projects in twin cities including New Blue Area Project, Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Citadel 7 is a project of the emerging real estate company in the real estate market of Pakistan, Chakor Ventures. 

Citadel 7 offers a blend of retail malls, food courts, and corporate offices.

Citadel 7 is strategically located at Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad. It is located opposite the Centaurus Mall and PIMS hospital.

Flexible payment plan, strategic location, top-notch amenities and facilities, and modern infrastructures make it the best opportunity to invest in.

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