Park Zameen Town is the latest project of PZT Developers, a property development company owned by Muhammad Asif Watto. It is a high-tech residential project offering an excellent lifestyle and a profitable investment opportunity. It has become popular with property dealers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, who are investing in platters (plots in bulk) and individual plots.

The Park Zameen town Islamabad project is located in the heart of Islamabad and is near all the major amenities a modern city offers. It has its infrastructure, with a shopping mall, a school, a hospital, a mosque, and a variety of recreational facilities.

Park Zameen Town Islamabad plots are ideal for residential and commercial purposes. The developers have ensured that the project meets the highest standards with all the latest technology and facilities. The developers have also taken extra steps to ensure the project remains secure, with CCTV cameras and security guards. The Park Zameen town Islamabad payment plan is quite reasonable and competitive, making it a viable option for investors.

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Developers:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad (PZT) is one of the leading property development companies in the Twin Cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Founded by Muhammad Asif Watto, the company has been developing world-class ventures for investors and customers alike. The experienced team of experts at Park Zameen town Islamabad consists of town planners, property accountants, architects, and civil engineers. 

These professionals are highly qualified, with years of experience in property development and management. The company has made a name for itself in the Twin Cities by providing high-quality, reliable services to local and internationally. The company’s priority is to ensure that its projects are built to the highest standards and that its customers receive the best possible services. 

The team at Park Zameen Town Islamabad is highly experienced in the field of property development and management. They deeply understand the local market and the customers’ needs. They strive to ensure their projects are designed and constructed with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Park Zameen Town NOC Status:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a legal housing scheme developed by relevant authorities to provide a housing solution to the citizens of Islamabad. The society is approved by all the relevant authorities and has a Park Zameen town Islamabad NOC from the CDA. It offers a variety of housing societies and amenities that are designed to meet the needs of the residents.

This housing project has all the necessary prerequisites, such as water, electricity, gas, sewerage, etc. The project also offers residents various recreational activities, including parks, jogging tracks, sports grounds, and other recreational areas. It is a great option for those seeking a reliable, legal housing scheme.

It gets approval from:

  • Board of Revenue 
  • Flood report
  • Earthquake and soil test 
  • IESCO and WASA

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Location:

The society is a prime residential project located on Chakri Road in the capital city of Pakistan. It is the ideal place for those looking for a peaceful, secure, and luxurious lifestyle. With various options for apartments, villas, and plots, the project offers something for everyone.

The project has all the necessary amenities and facilities like gas, electricity, sewage, water, telephone, internet, and security. Park Zameen town Islamabad location map shows that the project is well-connected to major cities of Pakistan and is surrounded by lush green areas. Park Zameen town Islamabad is the perfect choice for people who want to live peacefully in a prime location.

It is a perfect investment for people looking for an ideal place to settle down and build a home. The project has all the necessary infrastructure and facilities, making it the perfect option for people looking for a luxurious living experience.

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Accessibilities:

It has many accessible locations and important nearby landmarks. The location map of Park Zameen town Islamabad shows accessible locations to residents Such as:

  • Near Chakri road
  • 20 min drive away from Girja road and adiala road
  • 10 min away from Dhamial road
  • 18 min away from the M2 motorway and thalian interchange 
  • Half an hour away from Islamabad international airport

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Master Plan:

Park Zameen town Islamabad master plan designed and developed by the most experienced and certified town planners, architects, and engineers. It is an exclusive and luxurious housing scheme offering all the necessary and luxurious amenities for the residents. The master plan offers a unique set of features and benefits for its buyers.

The key features of the master plan include state-of-the-art development infrastructure, spacious and beautiful houses, lush green parks and gardens, 24-hour electricity and water supply, a modern sewerage system, and other necessary utilities. Additionally, there are exclusive features of the master plan, such as a shopping mall, recreational activities, outdoor sports, entertainment and health facilities, and many more. 

The project is a profitable investment opportunity for its buyers because of the Park Zameen town Islamabad payment plan. The master plan offers residents a secure, comfortable, and luxurious atmosphere. It has all the necessary amenities, such as schools, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, and other services. The master plan also offers distinctive features such as a grand mosque, community centers, jogging tracks, and dedicated parking lots. The master plan is designed to maximize the potential of the area and provide an ideal living environment for its residents.

Park Zameen town Islamabad master plan is offering a range of properties, such as follows:

  • Park Zameen Town Commercial plots
  • Park Zameen Town Residential plots
  • Park Zameen Town Farmhouses
  • Park Zameen Town Apartments
  • Park Zameen Town Villas

Park Zameen Town Residential Plots Sizes.

Society comes in various sizes and prices. The residential plot category is as under:

  • Park Zameen Town 3 Marla plot 
  • Park Zameen Town 5 Marla plot 
  • Park Zameen Town 10 Marla plot 
  • Park Zameen Town 1 Kanal plot 

Park Zameen Town Commercial Plots Sizes:

The commercial plot for sale at park Zameen town Islamabad is as under:

  • Park Zameen Town 4 Marla plot
  • Park Zameen Town 8 Marla plot

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Apartments:

It offers a range of apartments in different sizes:

  • 1-bed Park Height Apartments

  • 2-bed Park Height Apartments

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Payment Plan:

The management offers its customers an affordable and easy payment plan. It is designed to provide convenience to its customers and make the payment process more manageable. The Park Zameen town Islamabad payment plan includes a booking procedure with an initial PKR 225000/-down payment. After that, the customers can opt for quarterly installments of PKR 45000/- each. The amount is quite reasonable, with no extra or hidden charges. It also has a secure payment gateway that ensures safe and secure transactions. Customers can avail of the payment plan and enjoy the benefits of owning a property in Park Zameen Town Islamabad at reasonable prices with easy installments.

Residential Plot Payment Plan:

  • 3 Marla plot is available at 1,500,000 with a down payment of 224,000 and 16 equal quarterly installments of 45,000 
  • 5 Marla plot is available at 2,250,000 with a down payment of 300,000 and 16 equal quarterly installments of 45,000 
  • 10 Marla plot is available at 4,000,000 with a down payment of 500,000 and 16 equal quarterly installments of 45,000 
  • 1 Kanal plot is available at 7,000,000 with a down payment of 750,000 and 16 equal quarterly installments of 45,000 

Residential Plot Payment Plan (Executive Block):

The payment plan for residential plots at the executive block is as under:

  • 4 Marla plot is available at 125,000 with a down payment of 75000 and 30 equal monthly installments of 10,500
  • 5 Marla plot is available at 150,000 with a down payment of 1000,000 and 30 equal monthly installments of 20,000
  • 8 Marla plot is available at 250,000 with a down payment of 150,000 and 30 equal monthly installments of 30,000
  • 10 Marla plot is available at 350,000 with a down payment of 200,000 and 30 equal monthly installments of 35,000

Commercial Plot Payment Plan:

  • 4 Marla plot is available at 7,500,000 with a down payment of 2,000,000 and 8 quarterly installments of 450,000
  • 8 Marla plot is available at 12,500,000 with a down payment of 3,000,000 and 8 quarterly installments of 850,000

Park Zameen Town Booking Procedure:

You need to download the application form from the Park Zameen town Islamabad website and attach the following documents for booking plots. Such as:

  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Screenshot of online payment slip

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Salient features:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an eco-community that offers a range of amenities and facilities to its inhabitants. It has been designed to provide affordable housing for all. The area has been divided into different sectors with each sector having its own set of shops, restaurants and other features.

The entrance to the town has been designed to ensure easy access and the security of the area is maintained by the local police force. The use of modern construction materials and techniques guarantees quality development. The town also has abundant water resources, gas, and electricity supply. The wide boulevard, sewerage, and waste disposal system have been designed to keep the environment clean and healthy.

The infrastructure of the town is also designed to meet the needs of its residents. In addition to all these, recreational areas have been provided to allow residents to relax and unwind. Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a quality development that offers a perfect balance between affordability, accessibility, and security. Some of the features of Park Zameen Town are:

  • Gated community
  • Educational institutes
  • Sports complex
  • Basic utilities of life
  • Sports complex
  • Community centers
  • Better infrastructure
  • Carpets roads

Park Zameen Town Facilities and Amenities: 

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a luxurious, contemporary, multi-purpose project that offers a complete real estate package. It provides a safe and secure environment for its residents to live, work and play in.

Some facilities and amenities include a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, private garden, children’s play area, shopping center, private parking, 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, and a professional team of property managers. 

The project also offers recreational activities such as tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and much more. In addition, the project has a range of leisure and entertainment options for all ages, including cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and pubs. Park Zameen Town Islamabad is the perfect example of a complete real estate project that caters to all kinds of needs.

Smart Housing:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an exciting new project offering its residents the best smart housing. Smart Homes, Smart Villas, and Smart Technologies are all available to make life easier and more comfortable.

Smart homes come with energy-efficient appliances, smart heating and cooling systems, and other features that help save on energy costs. The modern and stylish villas offer spacious living and plenty of entertainment space. Smart technologies such as voice control and advanced safety features are also included in the villas to make life easier and more secure. With its smart housing, Park Zameen Town Islamabad is the perfect place to live in comfort and style.

Environment Friendly:

Park Zameen town Islamabad is an eco-friendly, smart city built with close-to-nature amenities and green scenic beauty. The town has hydroponic farms that offer organic produce to its inhabitants. The town has been designed to provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere, with lush green parks, biking and walking trails, and plenty of open spaces.

There are also many eco-friendly initiatives, such as solar energy, rain harvesting, composting, and recycling. The town is planned to provide a healthy lifestyle for all its residents. The town has also been designed to support sustainable businesses and industries. There are also many green initiatives, such as educating the public about eco-friendly practices and encouraging people to consume eco-friendly products.

Natural lifestyle:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an exclusive residential community offering a unique lifestyle in Pakistan. Located in the heart of Islamabad, it is surrounded by lush green landscapes, making it an ideal place to enjoy a natural lifestyle. The town is designed to be environment-friendly, with all the contemporary amenities you would expect in a modern city.

Residents can enjoy many facilities, including a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, and parks. Additionally, it offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Park Zameen Town Islamabad provides a unique experience in Pakistan with its unique atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. From its natural environment to its modern amenities, Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a great place to live and enjoy a relaxed, natural lifestyle.

Water Resources:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a residential area that is located close to the capital city of Islamabad. It is a beautiful place surrounded by lush greenery and home to a large community of residents. The town is blessed with abundant water resources, which provides the residents with an abundant water supply for daily chores and various other purposes.

In addition, several water reservoirs in the area provide a secure water source for the residents. The town’s water resources are being carefully managed to ensure that the residents have access to sufficient water for their daily needs. The town also has measures to keep the water clean and safe for drinking.

Gated Community:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad Secure Project is a revolutionary security project designed to ensure the safety and security of citizens. Security guards will be appointed to patrol the area around the clock. The project also includes installing emergency response systems to handle any untoward incidents. Special access control systems will be installed to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons. Furthermore, advanced communication systems will be set up to ensure swift response in case of any security breach.

Why Invest in Park Zameen Town Islamabad?

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an excellent opportunity for potential investors to acquire luxurious properties in a prime location. The development offers affordable yet spacious properties, making it an ideal choice for those looking to invest in real estate.

The luxurious amenities, such as a state-of-the-art gym, a swimming pool, and a playground despite the Park Zameen town Islamabad payment plan, make it a great choice for families. The eco-friendly approach taken by the development also makes it a great option for those looking to invest in sustainable development.

Furthermore, Park Zameen Town Islamabad is being developed by some of the most well-known developers in the country, which assures that the project will be of the highest quality. Lastly, the project will benefit from international infrastructure development, providing investors an even more secure investment. Overall, Park Zameen Town Islamabad has a lot to offer potential investors and is an opportunity that should be noticed.

Affordable Option:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad offers the perfect balance between affordability and quality development. Investors have the opportunity to benefit from the potential of great returns. The Town offers excellent accessibility with proximity to the Islamabad International Airport, the Grand Trunk Road, and the Motorway.

The Town also features a variety of amenities and recreational opportunities, such as a commercial area, schools, and parks. Moreover, top-notch security and safety measures are in place to ensure a safe and secure environment. Investors can enjoy the benefits of a great investment while benefiting from the development and progress that Park Zameen Town Islamabad offers. Investing in this Town is a great decision, as it will give the investor a great return on their investment.

Prime Location and Well-Known Developers:

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is an ideal place to invest your money in. It is in a prime location, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest. The properties available in this project are spacious and offer great value for money. Furthermore, the development of this project is being handled by some of the well-known developers, the PZT developers, in Islamabad.

The developers have used high-quality materials in the construction and have ensured that the project meets all the safety and security standards .Additionally, the project offers a variety of amenities, such as a shopping mall, a clubhouse, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a lot more.

All these features make Park Zameen Town Islamabad a great investment option. The returns on investment are likely higher in this project than in other projects in the vicinity. Therefore, investing in Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a great option.

The Infrastructure of the International Level: 

Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a luxurious residential society offering the finest amenities, security, and serenity of nature. It is a modern residential society adjacent to Islamabad International Airport and easily accessible from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Town offers international infrastructure development, a modern lifestyle, and quality living.

The high-end facilities include secure living, world-class shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and other recreational facilities. Investing in Park Zameen Town Islamabad is a great opportunity for those seeking a serene and secure lifestyle. The exquisite location and luxurious amenities make it an ideal investment. 

Society provides a great platform for investors to get good investment returns. It has excellent security systems, international infrastructure development, and a modern lifestyle. The society is well connected with the country’s main cities and is surrounded by lush green trees and parks. This makes it a great investment opportunity for those seeking a safe and secure environment. Investing in Park Zameen Town Islamabad is wise as it offers a peaceful and secure living environment and luxurious amenities.

Park Zameen Town Latest News:

A launch event has been announced for an exclusive collection of plots, villas, apartments and farmhouses ready for possession within 24 months. With a fast paced investment opportunity, customers can take advantage of a 4 year payment plan with a 10% discount on the booking. This an exciting opportunity for those looking to secure their dream home in the near future. 

The launch event will provide a unique opportunity for customers to book their plot and begin the journey towards their dream lifestyle. With a variety of options available, customers will be able to pick and choose the perfect plot, villa, apartment or farmhouse that suits their individual needs. The launch and possession of the exclusive collection of property will be available in the near future, providing customers with the chance to invest in their future.

Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots:

Lead marketing always believes in a transparent procedure, so you need a lead marketing sales executive to book your plots at park Zameen town. Certain guidelines should be followed when purchasing or selling a plot to ensure a safe and successful transaction. 

Document Verification:

 It is important to verify all documents related to the plot before making any payment. This includes verifying ownership documents and ensuring no legal issues are associated with the plot. 

Financial Security:

Ensure the payment is made through secure channels such as a bank transfer or escrow account. This will safeguard against any potential fraud or theft.

Property Visits:

Make sure to visit the property in person to evaluate its condition and confirm its size and boundaries.

Legal Advice:

It is important to seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer to ensure that all legal aspects of the purchase or sale are taken care of and to protect your interests.

Following these guidelines should ensure the transaction is carried out smoothly without legal or financial issues.

Park Zameen Town Development Status:

The development of Park Zameen Town Islamabad will be remarkable. The Park Zameen Town will complete soon with the development of smart homes, smart villas, lakeview park, main boulevard, plot cuttings, and much more. The new payment plan will also give a better rate of return on investment. 

Park Zameen is a modern residential project located in the heart of Islamabad. Park Zameen offers smart homes, smart villas, Lakeview Park, an international standard main boulevard, and plot cuttings for residential and commercial development.

The development of Park Zameen is proceeding at a rapid pace, with a majority of the infrastructure and basic amenities already completed. The main boulevard is undergoing extensive landscaping, while the lakeview park is being developed with a beautiful view of the lake. 

The payment plan for Park Zameen is also flexible, with multiple payment options available to suit the needs of various buyers. The project also offers numerous financing options, including installment payments and purchase on installments.

Overall, Park Zameen Town is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after residential communities in Islamabad. With its modern infrastructure and amenities, coupled with its flexible payment plan and financing options, it is sure to become a popular destination for those looking for a luxurious and secure living environment.


Park Zameen town Islamabad is a luxurious residential and commercial project that offers a world-class lifestyle and modern facilities at an affordable price. It is in an ideal location in Islamabad, close to major attractions and amenities. The project features a range of plots for sale tailored to meet different buyers’ needs. The project also provides a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, playground, shopping mall, and more.

Park Zameen Town Islamabad provides a great opportunity for buyers to enjoy a high-quality and modern lifestyle at an affordable price. It is the perfect option for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable living in Islamabad. If you want to know more about park zameen town, Park Zameen town Islamabad location map, its payment plan or booking procedure contact lead marketing for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Park Zameen NOC is approved from CDA

Park Zameen Town is located at the prime location of Chakri road.

4 and 8 marla commercial plot is available at Park Zameen Town Islamabad

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