Discovery gardens Islamabad is the future lodging plan created by Falak Naz Group and Associate of builders and developers of Pakistan (ABAD) situated close to New Islamabad Airport inverse to Capital Smart City. It’s a bleeding edge, modern public lodging which will furnish you with moderate lodging during an ideal place with cutting-edge conveniences. This significant project will be expanded up to 35000 Kanal, located near the beautiful green belt of Margalla hills; it is a recently arising residential plan in the Mouza of the Capital Smart City.

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is Housing Scheme situated on the Islamabad-Motorway in an ideal place close by Capital Smart City, Top City, and other notable housing societies. Moreover, it is near to the new Islamabad International Airport.

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is accessible in the following ways:

  • 7 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 3 min drive away from Thalian interchanges Islamabad.
  • 6 min drive away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 20 min go away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi City Centers
  • Right at with M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • Nearby societies are Capital Smart City, Top 1 City, Mumtaz City, Rudn Enclave, Mivida City, Abdullah City and Star Enclave, Khanial Homes etc.

Owners & Developers:

It is a joint venture project by Falaknaz Group and Association of Builders & Developers of Pakistan (ABAD). They had many successful projects already done in Pakistan named Harmain Royal Residency, Wonder Tower, Harmain Tower, Burj-ul- Harmain and Orison Tower etc. Falaknaz Group has a past filled with growing top of the line land projects since 1975. Relationship of Builders and Developers of Pakistan is a notable public level portrayal of country-wide manufacturers and engineers. It was set up in 1972 to bring all the top-quality property advancement assets under one umbrella.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad NOC:

The NOC of discovery Gardens Islamabad is under process. The developers had already submitted the documents for approval to the RAWALPINDI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. It is expected that it will be granted in few months within the time frame of 2021. All the legality matters will be solved out sooner as the main element is the name of the developers and Falaknaz group is the most reliable developers of Pakistan.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Master Plan:

Developers had specifically focused and planned a state of the art design. Pakistan’s most significant housing development with future mega expansion plans! At M-2 Lahore, the land is spread out to over 15,000 Kanal, with the possibility of expanding to 35,000 Kanal.

The property land and plot sizes offers are as following:

  • 5 Marla (25 X 50)
  • 8 Marla (30 X 60)
  • 10 Marla (35 X 70)
  • 1 Kanal (50 X 90)
  • Facilities and Amenities:

 Most Promising & Liveable Master Plan of current era providing all desired and promised amenities in a grand scheme of services.

1000 Canals dedicate to Disney Land & Carnival City

Discovery Gardens Islamabad has defined a significant objective to fabricate a first historically speaking global amusement park. The administration has saved 1,000 Kanal of land for the improvement of cutting edge parks in the style of Disney Land and Carnival City, which would be an exceptional venture in Pakistan. This heavenly playland will give a great day out for local people and the guests from the whole way across the country. The recreation centre will fill in as a beacon for the local area. 6th Flag extraordinary American organization will plan and foster this fabulous amusement park.

Mosque and Schools:

Society is going to cater to all the needs of the residents that also includes religious needs. Also, developers had focused on the education of resident’s children. For this, the developers are building a beautiful grand Jamia mosque. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with all the modern technology and architecture. There will be a full educational complex to ensure the provision of international level education to the children. The teaching staff will also be professional and trained in their specified fields to have the best education.

Health care and clinics:

 The health care facility is the most basic and important need for every individual. Therefore, the management will provide hospitals in the society. Apart from that, CMH is only fifteen minutes away from society.

The healthcare facilities have received special attention from the developers of Discovery Gardens Islamabad. The developers plan to build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics for this reason. Moreover, the emergency will be functional 24/7 to accommodate the patients at crunch time.

5-Star Hotel:

 The Developers means constructing an exceptional 5-star and worldwide standard lodging that will be exceptional and furnish inhabitants with an extravagant way of life. The conveniences will fulfil worldwide guidelines while staying moderate.

Electricity, Gas and Water facility:

This housing society will be providing all the facilities and necessities of water, gas and electricity. Gas connection is provided to the residents at the time of the completion of their homes.

Botanical Gardens Area in Discovery Gardens:

Individuals are quickly becoming more separated from the indigenous habitat, as city life turns out to be more furious, harming their wellbeing. The administration of the general public is making this professional flowerbed to give a solid way of life that is additionally ecologically feasible.

The general public will fabricate a professional flowerbed region to furnish a near nature way of life with the entirety of the present accommodations. The close vicinity to nature will make an exceptional encounter not found in some other lodging society in Pakistan.

Jungle Safari in Discovery Gardens:

 To give occupants an exceptional living encounter, the engineers need to assemble a dazzling and normal Jungle Safari that will offer once in a blue moon opportunity. Organic product trees will be planted around here. Wilderness safari will assist with cleaning the climate.


 Discovery garden housing society is a gated community with security staff that offers its residents a secure environment and safer for children to walk or play near streets, and also reduces traffic accidents.

Community Center in Discovery Gardens:

Community centres will fill in as a light of public activity for occupants who need to remain socially dynamic. They can join various social and public venues. These public venues will empower the occupants to foster connections with the general public.

Mini Golf:

 Mini Golf will be developed and built at international standards. This facility will provide a unique and lavish opportunity for the residents. International and local expertise are going to be hired to design and develop this one-of-a-kind facility.

Water Lake in Discovery Gardens:

 The resident’s water requests have been taken into the mind by the Discovery Gardens designers. Two lakes have been made to ration a lot of freshwater from being used for regular undertakings by the inhabitants. Channel plants will likewise be a component of the general public to guarantee that residents approach clean drinking water.

Horse Riding Club in Discovery Gardens:

 The Developers will make premium riding clubs that will offer extraordinary and world grade horse riding offices to occupants who need to carry on with an exemplary way of life. The ponies will be of a notable variety and will be prepared by top-notch horse coaches.

Sports Complex in Discovery Gardens:

 Residents will approach universally acclaimed donning offices inside the game’s complex. These offices will be accessible to people. An assortment of administrations will be given under a single rooftop. Youth will get an extraordinary opportunity to satisfy their wellness needs. This game complex will be planned with best in class engineering.

Top Security Services:

In Discovery Gardens IslamabadContemporary security techniques give consolation of safe living. This local gated area will most likely be worked inside the boundary divider. Specific observation frameworks, safety officers, and CCTV organizations will defend residents and offer nonstop security.

Carpeted roads in Discovery Gardens:

 To guarantee an ideal turn of events, the streets and other foundations are worked with an undeniable degree of devices and hardware. The Major Boulevard and roads are huge and broad, giving the region an exquisite appearance. The advancement work in the general public will go to begin very soon. The engineers intend to assemble covered streets. These streets will be proposed to be 40, 60, 80 and 100 feet wide.

Discovery Gardens Islamabad Payment Plan:

Discovery garden Islamabad Housing Society has a variety of payment options for residential plots. The rates are pre-launch prices of discovery gardens in Islamabad, and they can be changed by management at any time without prior notice to investors. Book your plot on old rates from Lead Marketing; the price plan is as follow.

The total price for 5 Marla is Rs. 1,800,000. The Booking starts with Rs. 400,000 with monthly instalment starting with Rs. 15,625 and annual payment Rs. 125,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 150,000.

The total price for 8 Marla is Rs. 2,780,000. The Booking starts with Rs. 600,000 with monthly instalment starting with Rs. 26,875 and annual payment Rs. 160,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 250,000.

The total price for 10 Marla is Rs. 3,380,000. The Booking starts with Rs. 700,000 with monthly instalment starting with Rs. 35,000 and annual payment Rs. 175,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 300,000.

The total price for 1 Kanal is Rs. 5,480,000. The Booking starts with Rs. 1,200,000 with monthly instalment starting with Rs. 53,750 and annual payment Rs. 300,000. At possession, the investor would have to submit Rs. 500,000.

Terms and conditions:

  • 10% extra charges will be imposed for the corner plot.
  • 10% extra charges will be applied for the Main Boulevard plot.
  • For the corner plot, 15% extra charges will be applied.
  • 10% money off will be given on full disbursement. 5% per cent discount will be applied on half payment

Why invest in Discovery Gardens:

 In current circumstances, investment is a vital requirement for each family. Real estate is developing step by step since individuals acknowledged the amount put resources into land. The cost of land is giving productive business to the investors. Before putting resources into Real estate, an individual ought to know what lodging society or real estate parcel is favourable. Investment in Discovery Gardens Islamabad will make your speculation profitable on the grounds that this is the impending private centre point of individuals of twine urban communities. Discovery Gardens is the land.

Which is considered as gold from the mark of speculation. Numerous financial backers are doing lucrative business from Discovery Garden. This lodging society is best concerning private perspective. This dirt is considered a multibillion-dollar land on the off chance that an individual is searching for a drawn-out venture opportunity.

This spot is also advantageous because it is close to Islamabad, which is considered the place where there are occupations and openings. These significant realities can assist you with putting resources into this remarkable lodging society, which will make your life a lot simpler and brimming with colours. Presently a day’s kin regularly asks that for what reason interest in Discovery Gardens Islamabad is fundamental. Investment is a fundamental part of current life. Discovery Gardens Islamabad is the following super project in the land area of Pakistan. Because of its known Developers and their undertaking Discovery Gardens, Islamabad is the prevalent spot for your profitable investment.

How to book your plot in Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

You can Book your plot in Discovery gardens Islamabad from Lead Marketing. The booking procedure is as simple as it could be. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Fill you a booking Application form with full attention
  • Attach your CNIC copies with the booking form
  • Submit you’re booking form with the down payment via check or pay the order.
  • Passport size picture and submit all the other documents too.


Discovery Garden Islamabad is a standout housing society giving a top-notch way of life to its inhabitants. This lodging society is a minimal expense project which will assist mediocre class individuals to assemble their own home close to Islamabad. It is a magnificent possibility for the investors to bring in cash and the home to live a standard life. So, Lead Marketing highly recommends that this is the golden opportunity to invest in this society.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discovery Garden is a great and beautiful housing society project located in Islamabad.

This housing project is located right next to the M2 motorway. Discovery Garden can be excess via Rawalpindi ring road and CPEC route.

Its approval is under process documents already submitted will be approved in few months from RDA.

It is just a 15 minutes drive from Islamabad. Society is making an interchange which will reduce the distance to the society.

The total area is up to 35000 Kanal of Discovery Gardens Islamabad.

Yes, it is easily affordable due to convenient rates and good instalment rates.

The Development work is at full speed without any delay going on.

The society has a four-year payment plan and is allowing the investors to invest and gain profit.

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