The Prime Valley is a newly established housing development society in the capital city. This society is residential in nature and has all the amenities. Likewise, this ensures the most pleasing possible lifestyle for all investments. Also, the developers are eager to assist future inhabitants in acquiring low-cost real estate. Moreover, the instalment scheme is available, which will increase investors’ purchasing power.

Additionally, this location offers a variety of amenities and features that appeal to most investors. And the housing society is growing in the twin cities’ immediate vicinity. As a result, it will be an excellent investment opportunity for all citizens of the twin cities. Finally, continue reading about the reasons of investing in prime valley real estate.

Prime Valley Owners & Developers

The Prime Institute of Health Sciences owns Prime Valley Islamabad. Abdul Wajid is the owner. This institute is well-known in Pakistan’s medical community, and its founders have a background in real estate. As a result, the owners have started a new housing project with this housing society. Its proprietors were also involved in the building of Blue World City and Kingdom Valley.

The society’s management has been in talks with many developers up until now. According to reports, the society’s management is in talks with Metricon Pvt Ltd, Izhar Developers, and PMK Builders.

Prime valley Islamabad

The prime valley is a new residential development in the twin cities’ immediate vicinity. Additionally, the property is located near Blue World City in Moza Sehal. Also, the region is easily accessible by major thoroughfares like the Islamabad International Airport, the Srinagar Highway, and the M2 Motorway. Finally, the most desirable characteristic is that this real estate development project is priced reasonably. Additionally, the amenities provided here are vital in attracting future inhabitants to this great housing community. Finally, keep reading to learn why you should invest in outstanding valley real estate.

NOC of Prime Valley

Prime Valley is a registered cooperative housing society in the twin cities. It received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Tehsil Municipal Authority Rawalpindi in April 2022 under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. According to its NOC, purchasing plots in this society is safe and secure for real estate investors.

Location of Prime Valley

Prime Valley Islamabad is located on Chakri Road, near the Chakri Road Interchange. Additionally, the society is located adjacent to the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. Blue World City, Islamabad International Airport, Capital Smart City, and Kingdom Valley are just a few significant locations around this housing society.

Payment Plan of Prime Valley

The payment plan is simple to manage, and the society’s NOC is approved, ensuring that the investment is stable and safe. It has one of the best payment plans with plots which are of different sizes. Following is the payment plan of Prime Valley:

Master Plan for Prime Valley

The master plan is now being developed, and the management will shortly make its layout design available for investors. To execute an iconic project, the management works to design the master by specialists and skilled designers. According to the information available, the community will be built on 3500 hectares of land. Residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal will be available. The society’s management has yet to announce the commercial plots.

Reason for Investing in Prime Valley

Numerous advantages exist to making a significant investment in Prime Valley. Additionally, the owners hope to provide future inhabitants with the most acceptable possible lifestyle at an affordable price. For facts, keep on reading to know more about some of the amenities provided in this society.

Accessible Location

Prime valley’s position is one of the fascinating aspects of investment. Additionally, the residential complex is located near the twin cities. Additionally, it is close to Moza Sehal and the Blue World City. Moreover, this real estate property is accessible by the Islamabad International Airport, the M2 Motorway, the Srinagar Highway, and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. And these locations contribute to the value of this housing society, which is comparable to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Affordable Plots 

The housing society is cheap in comparison to the amenities it provides. Additionally, the instalment plan is accessible here, which increases the purchasing power of all investors. Additionally, the developers are eager to give all investors necessities and high-end pleasures. Finally, investors must make a down payment to begin the purchasing process.

Provision of All Fundamentals

Prime valley is here to provide fundamentals to all investors. Additionally, the housing organization supplies all investors with power, water, and gas. Also, these will be provided 24 hours a day to support sustainable living standards. As well, they are available at a low price. As a result, investment here will be advantageous.

Commercial Opportunities

Prime valley provides economic prospects for investors and inhabitants alike. Additionally, the properties shown here are diverse in size and price, inviting investors to invest in them based on their preferences. Additionally, the developers encourage future inhabitants to launch businesses of their choosing and earn money.

Hospitals and Educational complexes

Prime Valley developers are committed to providing the highest quality of life to all investors. Additionally, the medical units will assist future inhabitants in a medical emergency. Additionally, education is a critical component of every housing society. And, to provide the most acceptable possible lifestyle, the developers are pricing both of these amenities competitively.

Gated Housing society

Another enticing advantage of investing in top valley real estate is the security measures. Additionally, the housing society will have CCTV cameras operating 24 hours a day to capture everything in the neighbourhood. Further, security guards will be on duty to prevent any catastrophes in the community. As a result, investing here will be a safe and worthwhile investment.

Features of Prime Valley

This project is developed and planned to incorporate a variety of critical elements, including the following:

Wide Roads
Parks and recreational places
Secured society
Adequate sewage system
Shopping Malls
Educataional Institution
Exceptional Infrastructure
Underground Essential Utilities:

The owners have maintained the scheme’s luxurious and elegant appearance. Additionally, the electricity, gas, and water pipelines have been underground to ensure that the supply remains uninterrupted and protected.

Drainage System:

A suitable drainage system and management facility are used to create a residential complex that is both contemporary and established. Additionally, the facility can efficiently remove rainwater from the society without causing any disruption.

Educational Complex:

The primary goal of the society’s owners is to provide exceptional and timely educational opportunities for its residents. As a result, schools and colleges with professional staff are regarded as the ideal epitome of this objective.

Massive Mosque

The primary mosque is built for the residents, typically the Jumma prayer and other daily prayers. However, the developers of the society also constructed separate mosques in each phase of the community.


There are several reasons to invest in outstanding valley real estate. Additionally, the payment plan will increase the purchasing power of all investors. Most significantly, the provided amenities encompass all facets of life, from basic to opulent.

Additionally, the commercial sector will aid future residents and investors in their financial growth. All of these provisions and facilities contribute to the sustainability of the lifestyles of all investors.

Investing in any society serves a purpose. Numerous reasons exist for supporting Prime Valley. For instance, an investor can purchase their preferred property at a discount. It will be constructed under the auspices of the Naya Pakistan Housing Society, which is dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions. Because the project is new, proper development will begin very soon so don’t wait any longer and book your slots today with Lead Marketing. Our experts will guide you properly in this regard.

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